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Customized Onboarding

1. Research Your Ministry

2. Send a Proposal

3. Execute

In order for us to help you reach your goals, we have to understand what you are all about. All of our clients are ministry organizations which gives us an advantage because we are not wide spread. We are laser focused on helping ministries achieve their God given mission. That’s why before we ever give you a pitch, we take our time to know the historical efforts and data along with current efforts, and more, giving us the foundational material we need to lay a solid foundation for your strategy.

When it comes to ministry marketing strategies, there is no one-size-fits-all solution. Every ministry is different in their own unique way. In order for our marketing strategy to be effective, it should be as unique and different as the ministry we are working with is. We work closely with you to understand your mission and vision for your ministry. Once we’re all on the same page, we work together to build a customized plan, laser-focused around your unique needs.

At Summit Angel, we are a very unique agency. We don’t have employees who work in dozens of industries, we have a small and dedicated team that only takes on a select amount of clients to ensure our work load is never too full. When we execute, it’s like a double edged sword. We have an analitical strategy expert and a creative genius behind every project. Everything we put our hands on is unique and never templated.  

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Summit Angel specializes in helping Christian ministries create and grow their brands. Whether it's building out a website, creating video or graphics, or simply offering consulting in ministry leadership, we are here to help you fulfill your God-given mission.





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