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Ministry branding and marketing is complex.


We love partnering with organizations that feel like they are set to change the world. Summit Angel has worked with large and small ministries all over the world.  Whether you are just getting started or you have a strong existing presence, we have the experience and expertise to help you achieve your God given mission.



A digital marketing strategy has many components to it including search engine optimization. Before we can begin any SEO campaign, we must find out what your audience is interested in. If your ministry is a church, then the focus will be around either reaching out to people who have never attended church, attracting people who are searching for a home church and/or being an easy to find resource for your current members. We research and use keywords to help your ministry stand out. Looking at the average monthly search volume allows us to determine how difficult it will be to rank with that keyword


Link building is a behind the scenes SEO strategy that is critical to a successful campaign. The goal is to show major search engines such as Google, Bing, and Yahoo that your website is popular. Google is a highly advanced and can easily detect a spammy website vs a website that offers visitors authentic, relative and original information. The more votes (or links) you get, the more Google will make your website visible. We use targeted keywords to execute a thorough backlink acquisition. Google is constantly changing the rules to insure ethical link building verses cheating with black had strategies. Effective link building takes not only time but also expertise making sure each link is placed correctly, has the correct HTML code, and is coming from a highly authoritative and relevant website


There are good and bad strategies going on behind the scenes of your website and it affects your ranking. A website is similar to an iceberg in the sense that there is a huge amount of data and design behind the scenes and that is why we dig deeper. Whether we are building a new website for you or redesigning your current website, we use a magnifying glass to dive deep into your site’s overall technical SEO configurations. In order to insure long term success, we not only optimize the current project but also set you up for long term success. Prior to starting any SEO project, it begins with running a site audit to identify the best way to improve the technical SEO of a site. Google is constantly changing the rules and standards for ethical SEO strategies, which is why it takes expert knowledge and experience to insure your website is not penalized by Google for cutting corners. 


We have designed countless websites on Wordpress and we understand the importance of investing your website on a platform that will create long term success. Although many of our clients have chosen to use Wordpress, we have expert level experience working on WIX as a platform. There are many reasons why we recommend WIX over wordpress, and we especially understand transferring your site over to a new location, platform, structure etc. can have a serious impact on its ranking and effectiveness. We can help. We will make sure that prior to going live that your site is adhering to SEO best practices, and that any fixes that need to be made are executed.


In 2020, we live in a digitally visible world and making a small mistake can have severe consequences on your ministry’s reputation. We help you tell your story online that aligns with your mission and vision on every platform. Consistency is critical to help your audience trust your brand. We tell your story by creating high-quality content that is biblically accurate and relevant to the times. If there is any negative press, we have the tools and experience to build positive content around your ministry that will outshine any negativity.

Search Engine Optimzation


Graphic design is worth a thousand words. Website and social media graphics help your brand speak about your why you do what you do and how you are reaching people locally or around the world. We understand the science behind the aesthetic and know how to turn your quotes, sermon series, banners, invite business cards, social graphics, profile images, logos and more into a work of art.  


Being fed an advertisement will not only turn away your audience but also damage your branding. People want to be informed and we can help you create content that is intriguing and accurate. At Summit Angel, we not only have the experience to create engaging blog posts, landing pages, biographies, ebooks and beyond, but also give your audience a reason to continue clicking on more than what they originally were interested in. We incorporate the latest SEO strategies when creating ministry content which helps people find your content easier and quicker. 


We specialize in ministry organizations. This means that in our personal and professional lives, we put Jesus first in all that we do. At Summit Angel, we create ministry content that is theologically accurate and aligns with your mission and vision. Whether your ministry has hundreds of thousands of followers or a handful, our content is consistent with your brand allowing us to reach more people. 


We bring your message to life. With Summit Angel’s videos services, we will help you create videos that captivate and convert. With locations in Denver, Colorado and Palm Beach, Florida, we can not only remotely create video content for you but also travel to your location for small to medium sized projects. Backed by over a decade of experience in video production working in major cities such as Los Angeles, Miami, Atlanta, New York, and Orlando, our Creative Director will create a video strategy that will communicate your ministry message in a way that your audience will be eager to share. Whether you want to create video content to strengthen your website, social media, or YouTube, we can help.






Email marketing is a powerful tool that can be an asset to your marketing strategy in a number of ways. It starts with understanding the behaviors and decisions of your audience and knowing what they do online. From there, we can create graphics and messaging that will not only keep your audience engaged but also educate them while helping them trust your ministry brand. Whether your ministry has thousands of contacts or hundreds, Summit Angel has the expertise to help you automate many of these tasks saving time and resources.


Landing pages serve many purposes outside of being a beautiful visual showcase of who you are, who you help and what your mission is. If your audience’s journey starts with an advertisement, your landing page must be an extension of that advertisement creating a natural experience that will lead them to a phone call, email or sale. We analyze and gather data that allows us to know exactly how to build a high-converting landing page. Creating an experience that converts your audience takes more than a visually impressive “lamborghini” looking website, it requires re-optimizing the look and feel from gathered analytical data over a long period of time.


We use advanced analytical platforms such as Google Analytics to monitor your progress online. Each month we create a robust report which allows us to understand your audience better ultimately giving us insight on how to make small tweaks to better reach your goals. 






Using over two decades of combined experience at some of the fastest growing ministries, let us help you think through small or big picture ideas. Whether it is how to lead or start volunteer teams, build trust within your organization, or simply think through different strategies for your success, we want to help you process and lead with excellence.

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