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We are here to help you with issues relating to the template itself. Unfortunately, we can not help with general Wix related questions, template changes, WixCode modifications, third-party apps or any problems that may arise from them. If you need further assistance you can hire us to help or click here for a list of helpful Wix Support Questions and Answers. Feel free to visit our extensive video tutorial library. If you forgot your password, please refer to your digital download contract or email us at

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2) Text 561-948-8202 that you are experiecing an emergency We will review your support question and respond as quickly as we can. WHAT IS CONSIDERED AN EMERGENCY? Anything related to but not limited: Website, Social Media, Ad Campaign, Etc 1) My account/site has crashed and is no longer operating 2) Security Breach / Someone hacked my account 3) A terminated employee has sabataged my account and I am locked out 4) Someone left a malicious review or comment that is jeapardizing my reputation

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