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Wix platform

Why 90% of our clients will be on Wix in 2020 and not WordPress

The bottom line is that Wix is simpler, smoother, and more effective from beginning to end:


  • Coding

  • Speed

  • Migration

  • Onboarding and Training

  • Cost and Maintenance

  • Support and Looking Forward



Wix Code and Corvid have been game-changers. In the last two years, there’s almost nothing our clients have asked for that I can’t do. With WordPress, many features require plugins, which are basically third parties you’re attaching to your site. These need to be manually, and constantly, updated and upgraded. We’ll find bugs, or clients will call and tell us their site is down. Whenever we get a pre-built WordPress site, we have to address built-in bugs, firewalls, and encryptions issues.


Wix, on the other hand, does all that work for you. This enables us to focus on building out strong customization with an emphasis on SEO, Google Analytics, Google WebMaster, and all the other connections that go with a website at a lower cost to our customers.

We've switched more than 90% of our clients over to Wix, and not a single one of them has asked to change back.


When it comes to building, WordPress takes double the time. Before we can get started, we have to make sure we have a the developer skills to work on the platform, and then we have to check that all the plugins are trusted and compatible. Our clients are thrilled with the speed and results.

Cost and Maintenance

Comparing the two, WordPress requires more hours to build a site, which means we can cut the cost of web development.


These Wix advantages end up reflected in both the value and the management-ease we’re able to pass on to our clients. Once the site is up and running, clients feel much better equipped to manage it themselves. After a build, clients ask, “Can I still edit my site?” And we'll say, “Absolutely, we can add you as a collaborator.” They find the Wix Editor very simple to use, and when they encounter an issue, they just give us a call.

WordPress offers none of those options.

Comparing the two, WordPress takes around 2 months or 40 hours to build a site. Wix takes around 3 weeks or 20 hours. Plus, we can cut the cost of web development. 

Support and Looking Forward

Bigger-picture, Wix always seems to be looking to improve. Every month they’re launching new features and updates that change the game. They’ll boost speed, personalization, coding, and security. 

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