Summit Angel specializes in helping Christian ministries create and grow their brands. Whether it's building out a website, creating video or graphics, or simply offering consulting in ministry leadership, we are here to help you fulfill your God-given mission.

Website Design

Custom or Template

We design custom websites from a blank canvas or from our Church Template Pro™ collection.

Sermon Graphics | Logos | Social & Web Content
All of our graphics are created in-house. This gives you more control and creative input towards your projects.


Ads | Online Content | In-House

We don't just create content that looks good. We create content that delivers your message  When you win, we win. Show it off online or in your sanctuary. If you have a creative idea, we can visually bring it to life.   

Digital Marketing

Social Ads | SEO | Strategy 

Digital Marketing is the "meat and potatoes" when it comes to winning online. We specialize in strategically choosing which digital marketing platforms result in the  greatest return on your ministry budget.

Content Writing

Articles | Website Content | Biography

We have expert level experience when it comes to writing content. Whether its a website page title or a lead pastor's bio or simply content describing who you are as an organization, we got you covered.

Leadership Marketing Strategy

Marketing | Culture | Strategy

Let's face it. You are a busy person focusing on things that keep your organization afloat. The world is changing and often times it can be tiring to stay up to date with social media, the latest ministry trends or simply how to win online. We do the heavy lifting and coach you on what really matters. 

Let's Talk!

We know we can build an effective digital marketing strategy to help you connect with your audience. And we know there’s no better time to get started than right now. 

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