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Blake Woolwine’s need to be creative was developed nearly two decades ago. He started his own photography business at the age of 16 capturing family portraits, sporting events and maternity. He pursued becoming an expert by enrolling at The Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale where he received a degree in photography. Having a strong desire to expand his creativity, he continued his education by enrolling at The New York Film Academy in Los Angeles where he received a degree in filmmaking.


He spent a decade working with businesses, non-profits, and public figures. Naturally, he had to market his own services which sparked another creative interest in design and digital marketing. In 2012, he moved away from focusing on photography and filmmaking to create his first creative agency.


In 2015, he was offered a creative position at one of the largest and fastest growing churches in America. Over the next 3 years, he felt called to commit his gifts and talents to further God’s kingdom. After two years working in the megachurch arena, he took a Communications Director position at a church of 1,500 attendees to focus on ministry branding, multi-site expansion and growing their volunteers.

In 2017, Blake married the love of his life. They wanted to focus on their new marriage and family so Blake took a secular job working for a large marketing agency. He quickly grew out of his position to start a new creative studio, Sutera Studio, LLC.

After great success, he quickly realized that his fulfillment comes from the creative side with less interest in project management and client relations. Blake grew up with Kevin and by 2020 their friendship had grown into a brotherhood. Kevin’s passion and strengths were everything Blake lacked in. He saw Blake’s pain point and in 2020 they formed Summit Angel as partners. They onboarded several clients from Sutera Studio,LLC and today their team work helps ministries achieve their God given mission. 

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Summit Angel specializes in helping Christian ministries create and grow their brands. Whether it's building out a website, creating video or graphics, or simply offering consulting in ministry leadership, we are here to help you fulfill your God-given mission.





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