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Elevating ministries we believe in.

Why Summit Angel?

Summit Angel began with a simple idea: To help ministries achieve their God-given mission. The idea for the name Summit Angel came from a similar term used in hiking, Trail Angel. A person who helps someone during their journey on a trail in any way is called a trail angel. We like that imagery and believe that our roles are to help ministries along their journey so that they may summit to the top of where God desires them to be.  

our story

Kevin and Blake are longtime friends who over the years have worked with great Christian ministries across the country.


During their time in ministry they noticed a common struggle that churches faced—being able to effectively communicate their message to a digital world.


Realizing that this need has only grown with time, they founded Summit Angel to help ministries achieve their God-given mission. Together there is little that they cannot help a ministry with big or small. 


about us


Co-Founder | Operations, Strategy

Kevin has worked at some of the nation’s leading churches and para-church organizations varying in roles from a lead pastor to writer and project manager. He has created lesson programs, print materials, video series, along with helping lead revitalization for struggling churches.


Over the years we’ve had the opportunity to rub shoulders with some fantastic ministries big and small, and this is what we’ve learned :


Time is one of the most valuable resources that we have. Couple this with God’s call to build his kingdom here on earth, then how we use our time matters greatly. 


​Founding Summit Angel was about helping ministries make the strongest choices that lead to success. Our passion is to help ministries best use their time by building out effective platforms or consulting them with important leadership decisions--big or small. Whether it’s how to build out volunteer teams, pitfalls of ministry, or advice on how to use social media platforms and online channels for God’s kingdom, good direction in these areas leads to success. And hopefully, the best use of your ministry’s time!


We know that many leaders cannot spend their time building out platforms or social media pages, but we can. We uniquely understand how ministries work, and would love the opportunity to partner with you in God’s mission.


Co-Founder | Creative Director, Support

Blake has worked as a creative director for large, multi-site church organizations leading teams with cutting edge technology practices. Whether it is designing websites, sermon graphics, filming videos, or building out social media platforms, Blake is passionate about helping ministries communicate God’s message.  


We help ministries all over the world achieve their God-given mission.

We never stop learning, testing and challenging ourselves.

Giving revenue, resources and time to God's Kingdom.

As a company, we commit to Pledge 20% – of revenue, resources and time to ministries and missions that matter. Inspired by the ministries we serve, we haven't looked back.


Pledge 20%
Recovery Church
Complete website design & social media refresh. (In final stages)
Victory Fellowship
Weekly website updates, weekly podcast update, sermon graphics. 
Eleventh Element
Complete website design & social media refresh.
Ready to get started?
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We help ministries achieve their God-Given Mission.

Summit Angel specializes in helping Christian ministries create and grow their brands. Whether it's building out a website, creating video or graphics, or simply offering consulting in ministry leadership, we are here to help you fulfill your God-given mission.

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